New Top 5 Best Sleeping Bags Review in 2020:

Sleeping  bag is an essential part of our lives. When we sleep well, the rest of our next day is filled with joy and flow as we have had enough rest. This attributes to getting things done, going on long hikes, or even spending a happy day with friends and family. Besides a good bed with a foam mattress, the sleeping bags are things close to your heart when you not at home. With the right sleeping bag, your body will be warm through a cold night in the forest and you can enjoy the beautiful night sky without even a shiver. The quality sleeping bags should be water-resistant, warm, and durable. With these reviews, you can make a quality choice to last you through the seasons.

5. MALLOME Sleeping Camping Bags Lightweight & Waterproof

MALLOME Sleeping Camping Bags Lightweight & Waterproof

Unlike other 4 season camping bags that are not quality, MalloMe gives you a 3 season quality sleeping bag that ensures you are warm and comfy. Made of high-grade polyester, you will be sure to feel the comfort while keeping water out.


  1. With a high-quality zipper, you can easily zip it up or down without snagging or breaking.
  2. The Velcro securing strap ensures you are snug in your bag and no zip slips when sleeping.
  3. Has a drawing string on your headrest that helps you adjust your sleeping bag closer to you in colder weather.
  4. Are made of high-grade polyester that is lightweight and easy to carry around.

4. TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bags; Great for Family Camping
TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bags; Great for Family Camping

Every single time we go out camping, we are likely to bring a pair of bedsheets or a pillow. Teton sports high-grade sleeping bags are made with an interior design that feels like bedsheets and helps retain your body warmth. Instead of a pillow, it has a drawstring that helps you lift your head a level you are comfortable on.


  1. Measures at 89.9*38.9*3.9 inches making it comfortable and fitting even for taller people.
  2. It has a secure inside pocket where you can comfortably store your wallet, keys, and phones while you sleep.
  3. With a lifetime warranty, you can quickly return the product in case it’s faulty and get another one.
  4. Has a taped anti-snag zipper that holds in place when you are sleeping.
  5. It is comfortable for 3 season use.

3. COLEMAN Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

COLEMAN Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

For mountain climbers and people who want to go out hiking in winter, Coleman’s sleeping bags are the best. It is made of hollow polyester intended to retain body temperatures so you can survive in a low temperature of up to 20°F.


  1. It has a 5-year limited warranty that ensures you as a client are happy and comfortable with the product.
  2. Measures at 75*33 inches with a fiber lock construction that prevents insulation from shifting.
  3. Simplifies your packing time by locking the edges of the bag together for you to tie around the quick cord.
  4. Weighs at 7 pounds ensuring you can climb the mountain with it on your back.

2. GOLD Armour Sleeping Bags for Indoor and Outdoor Use
GOLD Armour Sleeping Bags for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Gold Armour provides you with one of the best sleeping bags in the market. Carefully woven with soft but water-resistant fabrics, you can sleep soundly not worrying about rainwater getting in your sleeping bag.


  1. Has a Velcro securing straps that hold the zip in place as you sleep.
  2. With a bottom zip, you can easily free your feet if it is too hot and close them in when it is cold.
  3. Are made of high-grade waterproof polyester.
  4. With an adjustable drawstring, you can easily pull the sleeping bag close to your body to keep you warm.
  5. It is made of skin-friendly material that reduces itching.
  6. Measures at 86.6”*31” making it comfortable for a person of any size.

1.TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag
TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

With its ability to resemble a warm bed, sleeping in a camp is easy and more comfortable. For people who are going camping for the first time, this sleeping bag is highly recommended as it is warm and comfortable making your first time memorable.


  1. It is made to accommodate at least 2 persons.
  2. It has a thermal enhancing double layer that ensures no cold spots while you sleep.
  3. Has 2-way anti-snag zippers that hold tightly keep in the warmth.
  4. With a limited warranty you can easily get replacements for faulty bags.
  5. It has 2 color options to choose from.
  6. Measures at 64* 92 inches big enough for two and any height.


As you purpose to purchase, know the area of camping and the temperature that in that area. This ensures that you can purchase a product that will keep you warm through any season and give you an experience to remember.

Also, as nature is always wet from morning drizzles and moisture peruse the features carefully to make sure they are water-resistant. Getting a good sleeping bag from the above is dependent on the quality of what you want to purchase.

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